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How Many Golf Balls Should You Have in Your Bag?

As you stand on the tee box, poised to unleash your opening drive, the last thing you want is the nagging worry of running out of ammunition midway through your round. A shortage of golf balls can quickly erode your confidence, forcing you to play overly cautious and leaving you ill-prepared for those inevitable mis-hits or unexpected hazards.

So, how many golf balls should you have in your bag? While there’s no hard and fast rule, it’s worth taking inspiration from the pros. Most tour players carry about nine balls per round, with a few extras stashed away for good measure.

For amateur golfers, the calculus is a bit different. While you may not be facing the same level of pressure as the pros, the reality is that lost balls are an inevitable part of the game. Amateurs, on average, can expect to lose at least two golf balls per round. This number can quickly escalate depending on your skill level and the course conditions, so you’ll need to factor that in as well.

Furthermore, if you prefer walking the course to riding in a cart, carrying excessive golf balls can unnecessarily weigh you down. In this case, striking a balance between preparedness and practicality is essential, with most experts recommending a range of 8 to 12 balls for a comfortable and unencumbered round.

Whatever your approach, one thing is certain: running out of golf balls can quickly turn a leisurely round into a frustrating ordeal. So, before you tee off, take a moment to assess your needs and stock up accordingly at our golf store in Asheville, North Carolina.