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How Golf Balls Affect Your Golfing Game

They may be small, but your golf balls can affect your golfing performance more than you think. In fact, some people may not know it, but there are many different types of golf balls to choose from, each with its own nuanced differences that yield different results during the game.

Golf balls vary in terms of how they are constructed. One-piece golf balls have a lower compression due to the fact that they are only made from one solid core with an outer covering. This lower compression means you get a shorter distance with your swing. However, two-piece golf balls are composed of a core with a blended cover that gives you a much greater distance than the one-piece ball. They are typically used by more advanced golfers.

Another way that golf balls vary is the type of spin each one has. Low-spin, mid-spin, and high-spin balls all cover different distances due to how much they spin when in the air. Low-spin golf balls have a lower side spin and fly straighter in the air than other golf balls, but high-spin golf balls have a higher spin and longer carry. Mid-spin golf balls land somewhere in the middle in terms of amount of spin and distance carried.

Here at Nevada Bob’s Golf, we know how different golf balls can affect your golfing game. If you’re having trouble figuring out what type of golf ball is right for you, stop by and talk to us.