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Golf Balls

Choosing the right golf balls for your game may seem like you’re dealing with minutiae, but high-quality golf balls can make all the difference when you’re out on the course.

Here are three things to look for when shopping for golf balls:

  1. High Price Tag — As with any industry, you invariably get what you pay for when you buy golf balls. That means that a higher-price-point golf ball is more expensive for a reason. Usually, it has been vetted by a pro, or has been manufactured to produce a specific boost for your swing. Bottom line — don’t skimp on your golf balls because it will impact your game.
  2. The Right Ball for Your Game — The golf balls recommended by a PGA Tour pro may not be right for your game because each golfer is unique and different swing speeds can warrant different golf ball needs. At Nevada Bob’s Golf, we have a SkyTrak Launch Monitor that can help you determine which golf balls are best for your game.
  3. Two-Piece Golf Balls — On the PGA Tour, the most popular golf balls are three-piece golf balls, composed of a solid or liquid center core, surrounded by an outer rubbery layer, and protected with a hard cover. Two-piece golf balls, made of a solid center core with a hard, surlyn cover, are more common – and affordable – and generally provide better performance value. Two-piece golf balls provide greater distance, durability, and reduced spin.

If you’re looking for high quality golf balls for your game in the Asheville, North Carolina area, visit us at Nevada Bob’s Golf today!