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Tips from Our Golf Store: How to Get More from Your Golf Game

If you’re trying to get into golf, our golf store wants to help! We’re passionate golfers here at our golf store, and we have the following tips to help you get more out of your golf game the next time you head out to the course:

  • Your stance is your foundation, so work on creating a solid one whenever you go golfing. Your swing also comes from the ground up, so make sure your stance is balanced and grounded before you try to hit the ball.
  • Perfecting your grip takes time, and we see tons of golfers come into our golf store who haven’t quite got theirs down. When you’re not golfing, practice holding a club in the right position. We suggest putting a club somewhere in your house and every time you walk past it, hold your grip for 30 seconds.
  • Take it to the range first. We highly recommend spending some time practicing your swing and hit before you head out to the golf course to play a few rounds of golf.
  • You may be tempted to start using your driver before any other club. Instead, start with your pitching wedge during practice sessions and move through each club in your bag, mastering each as you go.
  • Train on a Par 3 course. When you practice on one of these courses, you’ll spend less time searching for balls and more time refining your short-game skills.