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Six Simple Steps for Maintaining your Golf Clubs

When you come to us at Nevada Bob’s Golf, you’ll find we offer the best in golf club selection. We also have highly knowledgeable and friendly professionals here to perform your golf club fitting and make sure you’ve selected the perfect clubs to align with your game. When you’ve invested time, energy, and money into finding the perfect clubs, you want to make sure they stay in ideal condition. Here are six simple steps for maintaining your golf clubs:

  1. Wipe between plays – A quick wipe between plays can remove debris while its still loose. Keep a small rag or golf towel attached to your bag.
  2. Dry before you store – The best way to prevent rust from growing on your clubs is to make sure you dry them off before putting them away, especially if you’ve been playing in the rain.
  3. Use head covers – Using head covers will protect your golf club heads from denting and scratching the other clubs as you move them around.
  4. Store Carefully – Your golf clubs should be placed in a dry, cool place inside your home or a garage where temperatures don’t get too hot as heat can weaken the glue that holds them all together.
  5. Clean and check grips often – Extend the life of your grips by wiping off the sweat, dirt and debris that has gathered after your game. While cleaning, check for cracks or slick spots. When you need regripping, our team at Nevada Bob’s Golf can gladly assist you.
  6. Inspect shafts occasionally – You also want to check for dents and splits on your shaft. Again, our team can help you should you ever need golf club repair.

For the best in golf clubs, including selection, regripping, repair, and service come to us at Nevada Bob’s Golf.