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How to Choose the Right Golf Bags

Our team here at Nevada Bob’s Golf wants to help you have the best possible time out on the course, and we offer a number of products and services designed to do just that. In our years in this industry, we have found that one thing that can make a surprising, but significant, difference is the quality of your golf bag–after all, if you need to constantly carry this bag and take essential equipment in and out of it all the time, even small points of dissatisfaction with it will be compounded over time. In this article, our experts will provide a few tips on how to select the right golf bags.

  • Consider Transport. When shopping for golf bags, one thing you should always keep in mind is how you plan to transport your bag (and the equipment inside it) from one hole to the next. Your answer will depend in large part on whether you plan to ride on a golf cart or walk.
  • Consider Organization. Another thing to consider when shopping for golf bags is how you would prefer to organize your clubs and other equipment. Different golf bags are equipped with varying numbers of dividers to create different numbers of sections for your clubs, as well as differing types of pockets for other accessories.
  • Consider the Straps. A third thing to think about when it comes to golf bag selection is the strap system. Do you want a golf bag with one strap (usually used for golf carts) or two (better for carrying on foot)? Either way, the straps should ideally be wide and padded, to better distribute the weight of all those clubs.