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Do You Really Need a Rangefinder?

If you’re wondering whether you really need a rangefinder to improve your golfing performance, the short answer is yes. A good rangefinder comes with many benefits, including showing you the yardage to the flag. It can also help you determine the slope to take for your next shot.

If you’re looking to improve your golfing game, here are some of the top reasons to purchase a rangefinder:

  • Rangefinders improve accuracy. Because rangefinders help you determine the distance between you and the flag, they can help you figure out just how you should angle your swing as well as how hard to swing, so you don’t under or overswing.
  • Rangefinders help you manage the course. Each golf course is different and comes with its own layout, water hazards, and more. A good rangefinder will allow you to scope out the course so you can determine the best approach for your swing, as well as decide which golf club is best for your position on the course.
  • Rangefinders increase your confidence. Like with any sport, your amount of confidence you have behind every shot during a golf game can give you more of an edge than you may think. Because rangefinders give you more information that can help you decide what club to use and how to swing, you can go into each shot with more confidence, bettering your game in the process.

We carry rangefinders here at Nevada Bob’s Golf, so reach out to us today and find out how a good rangefinder can improve your golfing performance.