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Improve Your Golf Game with a Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a small device that will tell you how far your next hole or point on the golf course is from where you stand. There are two types of rangefinders – laser and GPS rangefinders. The GPS rangefinder is faster to use as it uses GPS locations. The golf course will need to have been mapped for this type of rangefinder to work. There is usually a fee or subscription that you will need to pay to use a GPS rangefinder. The laser rangefinder will take a little longer to use and can give incorrect information if the person using it is wrong in his/her data. There are no fees to use this type of rangefinder. Below are some of the benefits of either rangefinders.

  • Exact Distances – You will be able to know the exact distance to any flag, landmark, or greens. You will also be able to know how far you are able to hit exact clubs.
  • Faster Play – Once you are accustomed to using a range finder, your game will become faster. You won’t be trying to calculate distances in your yardage book, look for markers, or count sprinkler heads.
  • Clubs – Knowing the distance to where your end goal is for your next swing will help you to know which club to use.

A rangefinder is an easy way to increase your golf efficiency and score. They are small enough to not feel cumbersome and will tuck easily into your golf bag. Once you are proficient at using one you will never turn back to not using one. Come see us a Nevada Bob’s Golf to see our selection of rangefinders.