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What You Need to Know About Golf Shoes

If you like to golf, you likely know the importance of investing in quality clubs. The right clubs for you can really improve your game.  While some golfers may not put as much of an emphasis on it, the pros at Nevada Bob’s Golf truly feel that investing in the right golf shoes for you are equally as important as finding the right clubs.

  • Why Golf Shoes? While golf shoes are not required for the game, most players choose to wear golf shoes. This is because the spikes on the bottom of golf shoes grip the green grass and help the player to remain stable during their swing, which ultimately leads to a better overall golf game.
  • Where to buy? Golf shoes are available for purchase at sporting goods stores, online, golf shops, and pro shops and golf courses.   If you are unsure about what to look for, and what is best for you, we recommend looking for golf shoes at a golf shop or a pro shop. Golf shops and pro shops will have someone there you can talk to about your golf game and specific shoe needs.
  • Go for feel, not looks. Even if you are looking to make a fashion statement on the course, be sure to purchase golf shoes because of comfort, not looks. Try on the golf shoes, walk around, and wear them for a while.  Comfort is key.