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we offer golf club fittings

While there are some types of athletic equipment that are right for almost anyone who uses them (i.e. balls or nets, etc.) there are many other types of equipment that needs to be tried out before you buy. This is why a golf club fitting is so important! Here at Nevada Bob’s Golf, we offer golf club fittings to ensure that the differences between each type of club or driver are not lost on you, and to help you to make the best decision in choosing the golf clubs that will work best for your own personal body type and swing. If you have never taken part in a golf club fitting, here are a few things that you can expect.

One of the first things that you can expect from a golf club fitting is a lot of measurements. With measuring tools and technology like Sky Pro Swing Analyzer, SkyTrak Launch Monitor, Full Swing Golf Simulator, Mizuno’s proprietary Shaft Optimizer and fitting software, we can use the information we get from these areas to determine the best tools for you.

Another thing you can expect from a golf club fitting is to go through a lot of items that will help you create the ideal club, such as club size, club head type, grip styles, and all sorts of other factors that can vary greatly with minute changes. An experienced team like ours at Nevada Bob’s Golf will take the time to go through the wide variety of materials and clubs to ensure that everything fits and feels fantastic before sending you off to play. Call us today to learn more about golf club fittings!