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Things Every Golfer Should Have in Their Golf Bag

If you are new to the wonderful game of golf, you may be wondering what equipment you need to play the game and play the game well.  If this sounds like you, then you are in luck because our team of professionals at Nevada Bob’s Golf have compiled a list of things every golfer should have in their golf bag.

  • Golf Clubs: This, obviously, is a no brainer. No golf bag is complete without a set of golf clubs.  Be sure to work with a professional when selecting the best golf clubs for you.
  • Golf Glove: A golf glove is a great addition to any golf back because it helps golfers with their grip while playing.
  • Golf Towel: A golf towel can be used for a variety of needs when at play. For example, if your club gets dirty, or you get a little sweaty, a golf towel in your golf bag is necessary.
  • Sunscreen: When you are getting ready for a day on the greens, sunscreen might slip your mind when packing your golf bag. We recommend having a dedicated bottle of sunscreen that stays in your bag.
  • Tees: When playing golf, you can burn through tees quick. Be sure you have a couple of bags of tees in your golf bag at all times.
  • Golf Balls: Like golf clubs, this is an essential item for any golf bag. Many golf bags even have a special compartment for golf balls.