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Signs It’s Time for Golf Club Regripping

Golf clubs are a big investment, so you don’t want to replace them over issues that can be addressed as part of repair services. For example, you shouldn’t buy brand-new golf clubs if the grips have worn down. Golf club regripping can outfit your clubs with new grips that will help you retain control and accuracy for all of your clubs.

Here are some of the top signs that it’s time for a golf club regripping service.

  • There are cracks. Cracking is normal the longer you use your golf clubs, but cracked golf club grips affect your consistency. Consistency is an important part of mastering a good swing, so make sure you can replicate your swing on the course by replacing your cracked club grips.
  • You rely on a select few clubs. You want to stick with the clubs you’re most familiar and comfortable with, but if you only have a few clubs that you frequently use, you’ll want to get their grips checked out. The more often you use your clubs, the more frequently your grips are exposed to sweat and dirt, which will wear them down quicker.
  • The surface has become smooth. Smooth surfaces make it harder for you to maintain a firm and strong grip on your club. You don’t want to accidentally throw or let go of your club while you swing, so if the grip of your club has become too smooth, you’ll need a golf club regripping

As part of our golfing services here at Nevada Bob’s Golf, we offer golf club regripping to help make sure you can maintain a good swing for your clubs, so if your clubs’ grips have become too worn down, call us today.