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Golf Clubs: The Basics

If you are interested in learning the game of golf, an essential lesson (in addition to how to drive, pitch and put) is the basics of golf clubs.  Our professionals here at Nevada Bob’s Golf have gathered the basic information on golf clubs, so check it out!

  • Driver:  These golf clubs are used at the tee box, have big club heads, and are meant to hit the golf ball long distances.
  • Irons: These golf clubs are made of metal and used on the fairways. The clubs are numbered one through nine, with a one being the club that can drive the ball the furthest, and a nine being   a club that will drive the ball a shorter distance. It is, however, important to note that most golf club sets only sell irons from three to nine because the average golfer elects to use a driver as opposed to a one or two iron.
  • Woods:  When golf clubs were originally made, woods were made of (you guessed it) wood! Now, they are made of metal and are used to hit the ball from 200 to 350 yards.
  • Pitching Wedge: This golf club is used when you need to hit a shot that requires some major height, or, when you are in a bit of trouble. A golfer will reach for the pitching wedge when they need to get out of a sand trap, tall grasses, or a bunker.
  • Putter: This club is used in short game, typically when you have landed the ball on the green and are relatively close to the hole.  It is important to have a quality putter, and to practice putting frequently because many pros would argue that this is the most used of all of the golf clubs.