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Golf Accessories Every Golfer Should Own

When you get ready to go play a round of golf, you of course know that you need your golf clubs, some tees and, of course, some golf balls.  While these are the essentials, there is a basic list of golf accessories that every golf enthusiast should own. The pros here at Nevada Bob’s Golf have compiled a list of the top golf essentials and why you need them.

  • Golf Bag: A bag, obviously, is essential. This is a no-brainer when it comes to golf accessories.   We recommend finding a golf bag that has comfortable back straps and one that includes a bag stand.  You can thank us later for these recommendations.
  • Golf Towel: The golf towel is the unsung hero of golf accessories because it is often forgot about but does so much.  A golf towel is great for cleaning dirty balls, clubs, wiping up sweat and more.
  • Golf Glove:  A good glove helps improve your club grip and prevents sweat on your hands from messing up your shot.
  • Rangefinder: A rangefinder is used to determine the exact yardage of a shot.
  • Divot Tool: A divot tool is a handy accessory that is used to fix the green when your golf swing creates a divot. Your fellow golfers will thank you for including a divot tool in your bag of golf accessories.
  • Retractable Club Brush:  It is no secret that golf clubs are an investment, so you want to protect your investment by keeping your clubs in as best of shape as possible.  A retractable club brush will do just that by helping you to easily clean dirty clubs immediately.  This will prevent your clubs from rust and other wear and tear.