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5 Common Myths About Golf Tees Debunked

Golf tees may seem like simple, inconsequential equipment, but they are significant in golf. Surprisingly, several myths surrounding these tiny tools can affect how you play. We’ll debunk five common myths about golf tees to set the record straight.

  1. All Golf Tees Are Created Equal. Many people believe a tee is just a tee, and it doesn’t matter which one you use. However, golf tees come in various materials, lengths, and designs, each with advantages and disadvantages. For example, wooden tees are biodegradable but may break more easily.
  2. Longer Tees Equal Longer Drives. The notion that using a longer tee will automatically result in longer drives is untrue. While tee height can affect your drive, it’s not as simple as “longer is better.” The optimal tee height depends on the type of club you’re using and your swing mechanics.
  3. Tee Color Doesn’t Matter. The color of the tee is often considered purely aesthetic and thought to have no impact on your game. However, while color may not affect performance, it can influence visibility. Brightly colored golf tees are easier to spot on the ground, saving you time and potentially reducing the number of tees you lose.
  4. Professional Golfers Don’t Care About Tees. People think pros are so skilled that their tee type doesn’t matter. Contrary to this belief, professional golfers pay attention to every detail, including their tees. They often choose tees that complement their playing style and the specific conditions they’re facing, such as wind speed and turf softness.
  5. Tees Are Only for Drives. It’s a common misconception that golf tees should only be used for the initial drive on each hole. While it’s true that tees are most used for drives, they can also be used in other situations according to the rules of golf. For example, you can use a tee to re-hit a shot or take relief.

Golf tees may seem minor, but as we’ve seen, they impact your game more than you might think. Our store has a huge selection of golf tees. Visit us today.